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Tuesday , May 26 2020
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Television enters “second wave of disruption”

The TV industry is about to enter ” a second wave of disruption” due to new players in the streaming market, according to BBC chief Tonny Hall.

In a speech on Wednesday, Lord Hall will say the main impact of the new Disney and Apple streaming services may be felt by Amazon and Netflix.

He will say, “Our industry is about to enter a second wave of disruption.”

The first was about the rise of Netflix, Amazon and Spotify – market shapers that fundamentally changed audience behaviour, often at the cost of huge losses or massive cross subsidy.

The second wave will see a range of new entrants entering an already crowded market.

We saw it last week as Apple announced their new subscription service. Disney, Hulu and others are to follow.

The libraries of Amazon and Netflix are likely to shrink as programme makers pull their content away from these services to make them their own.

Rather than being a threat, this second wave of disruption should act as an opportunity for corporation.

In this market, services that are distinctive and different will stand out.

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